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PURPLE Case Lighting

There are many different types of Purple LED Strip available, and you do not always get what you think you ordered - from the dull near uV Purple all the way up to the near pink that some sellers pass off as purple. Here at TOPLEDSHOP we sell a purple which is mid range bordering Lilac with good brightness to make the best of your Purple theme.
How much is up to you! You can choose from basic LED Strip (60 LED/M type) single or double strip lighting kits, or Double Density Kits @ 120 LED's/M. All kits come complete with Molex pass thru connector to connect to any suitable connector from your computer's PSU.And if you truly want to stand out from the crowd then select the option to have integrated RF Remote Control added to your kit - giving you a choice of light levels, dynamic effects and on/off functions. Then to finish the look off we also have a full range of Monitor Backlighting kits to give you a fully matched setup to be the envy of all your friends!!