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Car Footwell Lighting Kits

Whether you want to subtly accent the inside of your car, or make it brighter than anything else on the road we have a footwell lighting kit for you. These kits can be connected into any 12V circuit in your vehicle, with the courtesy light circuit being a good one as it will swithc the lights on when the doors are opened, but then switch them off for driving (You can be stopped by the police for driving with interior lights on). or simply connect them to your cigarette lighter with our Cigarette Lighter Plug addon. But for the ultimate, just specify our Remote Control option - and not only will you have full easy control of your lighting with a handy little remote control, you can also choose from a range of lighting effects to show off your car when parked up, at a meet etc. 

Then we have two types of RGB Colour change lighting - simple Remote control RGB with small RF remote to let you choose your colours or lighting effects with ease, or Sound Sensitive RGB Colour change lighting kit, which can be set to react to the music you are playing, or used as a standard RGB Lighting kit - now let's be honest, if you are cranking up the tunes at a meet what better way to help draw attention than to have your own light show going on too !!